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A New Generation of Fragrance

In the realm of scented dreams, Ali Faizan weaves his art. Owner of “Presence,” a poetic perfume brand that lingers in the heart. With each note carefully chosen, he conjures a symphony divine. Fragrances that whisper tales of love, capturing moments through time.

Through his alchemy, memories awaken with a single drop. The essence of nature’s embrace, a potion to make hearts stop. Ali Faizan, the maestro of scented grace, painting emotions in delicate space. From dawn to dusk, his fragrant symphony unfolds, an olfactory journey, where stories are told


New Release

Elite Oud

Introducing Elite Oud – the epitome of sophistication and distinction in the realm of fragrances. Crafted for those who embody greatness, this exquisite scent is a testament to refined taste and timeless elegance.

Top notes are Saffron, Nutmeg and Lavender

Middle note is Agarwood (Oud)

Base notes are Patchouli and Musk

Elite Oud is more than just a scent – it’s a statement of individuality and refinement.

Exclusive Packaging with Extraordinary Fragrance



  • Fresh
  • Versatile
  • Office Scent


My Kind of Girl

  • Floral
  • Modern
  • Romantic
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How we are great


Perfumery is an art. At Presence, we have spent day and night carefully developing our premium original fragrance line. From sourcing highquality raw materials from around the world to creating the product, ensuring high-end quality is delivered to our customers. Find your identity amidst an endlessly evolving era of sacred craftsmanship, passing down intricacy from bottle to bottle.

Best For

Best for Office & Formal meeting

“Irresistible Man” the perfect office
perfume for confident individuals.
Crafted with precision and
sophistication, this fragrance
combines elegance and
professionalism to enhance your
workplace aura. Designed to leave a
lasting impression on colleagues and
clients alike. Boost your confidence
and productivity with our office
friendly scent, created to promote
focus and inspire success. Elevate
your professional image with
“Irresistible Man” and make a
statement in the boardroom.









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